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Born in the wrong generation ..

Le 14 April 2014, 19:44 dans Humeurs 0

when I was born ,


didn't have the choice to be


didn't choose to exist


yes I was born free


but I had to resist


the heavy storms


coming in my way


making my sky grey


I have missed to the train 




 I was born in the wrong generation


judging others by their  appearance,


didn't matter if you listen to shitty music


or repeating stupid lyrics


as long as you're living for the gain 




 born in the wrong era ,


heavy shapes , delicate thoughts


born horribly dressed , well worded


take me back when hendrix


drove everyone insane 




 born in the wrong generation


need to fix my time machine


this society's killing my imagination


feeling worse that i have ever been


still stuck in the hurricane




 let the fog goes through my head 


clears my mind 


stealing away my melancholy 


at this moment myself I find


my pain I hide


let me forget about today until tomorrow


as Dylan said ..


nothing will remain


Le 14 April 2014, 19:14 dans Humeurs 0

head full of dark gloomy clouds


silent screams


empty crowd


acts disturbed by thoughts


blue sky's became dark 


shining stars ,full moon


to silence I hark 




why does it have to be this hard to face your fears


every time you close your eyes you can't stop the tears


from falling


you search for a light to overcome the darkness


didn't thought that it's too hard to reach happiness




the pure soul lost its way to heaven


the angel lost her sight


all she's looking for is a safe haven


and someone to hold her tight




taking a journey inside her lifeless soul,


seeing her buried dreams


realizing that leaving that passion behind


is making her more and more blind




troubled emotions,strange thoughts


fear of failure mixed


with mystery,


the future's unknown


my own poet is standing beside me


nothing's left to fear , I am not on my own